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Ampacimon in FT1000 ranking of Europe's fastest growing companies

The Financial Times 1000 ranking of Europe's fastest growing companies has just been released.

Ampacimon is in, ranked  #555 and one of only 40 European industrial companies making it to this list. Congratulations!

In 2017, T&D grid operators showed an increasing interest in Ampacimon's technology, leading to succesfull deployement in North America, South America, Caribbean, Europe and India. Ampacimon has also opened a subsidiary in the USA to better serve its North American customers.

About Ampacimon:

Ampacimon develops innovative "Dynamic Line Rating" (DLR) solutions for transmission/distribution systems operators. Dynamic Line Rating is a new technology belonging to the « smart grid » world of innovations to actively manage electricity grids. It is made of stand-alone sensors installed on high-voltage lines, coupled to software interfacing with dispatching centers SCADAs.

The system consists of sensors installed on high-voltage lines that measure key parameters influencing the maximum thermal capacity of a line (vibrations, temperature, sag, wind speed). It measures the so-called « ampacity » of a line, i.e its true, real-time maximum capacity (which is usually significantly higher than its design capacity). This system also allows to reliably forecast this capacity up to two days in advance.