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Meet MoodMe

We all know the type, jumping from one screen to another, so bored with conventional advertising methods that even during the Super bowl commercials they were busy on their phones. How to grab their attention to promote a brand or product?

Belgian company MoodMe allows clients to engage with Augmented Reality and face recognition through any app, website, or photo booth by creating fun face effects like paint & masks, fashion effects (such as makeup, jewelry, glasses, clothes, hair styles) or something more uncommon like angel/devil wings. Think of it like Snapchat Lenses in a box, with the freedom to Brands to create any effect. For e-commerce, MoodMe’s technology enables the potential buyer try the goods before ordering, thus reducing the cost of product returns.

MoodMe not only provides tools for companies to attract their target audience but also provides them with data to know their clients better.  Face Tracker, which identifies all facial features on multiple faces in real time, is complemented by Face Analytics, which understands who the clients are and how they feel.

MoodMe uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques to estimate face characteristics from images fed to deep neural networks architectures so that their partners can get direct feedback on user impressions of their services. Data collected on faces are processed & packaged to offer analytic experience.

You can already experience MoodMe technology through their prestigious customers, including ATT Final Four, Nina Ricci, Gucci, GsK, and Airtime. | Palo Alto | Paris | Nivelles